Backyard Restoration

Backyard Restoration is all about what you can do in your own garden, just like Harry Handprint – his garden is the earth, and he cares for it.

If you can aim to turn 30% of your garden into a wildlife sanctuary, this is called backyard restoration.

You should try to:

  • plant native wildflowers
  • plant native trees
  • collect, save and sow native tree seeds (nuts, acorns, ash keys)
  • collect, save and sow native wild flower seed stock in your area
  • plant Viper’s Bugloss to attract Bumblebees
  • plant Buddleias for attracting butterflies


Please get in touch with the administrators for more ideas and guidance on backyard restoration.  Don’t forget to REtweet about what you are doing for the Earth!

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hand·print (hānd'prĭnt')
n. A positive action made by your hand to benefit the Earth

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Restore the Earth

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